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The valve, is to control the fluid (liquid, gas, gas-liquid or solid-liquid mixture) flow, pressure
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The valve, is to control the fluid (liquid, gas, gas-liquid or solid-liquid mixture) flow, pressure and flow devices. Usually it content by the valve body, valve cover, valve seat, hoist parts, such as sealing and fastener components. Control valves are driven to rely on institutions or fluid-driven hoist pieces of take-off and landing, sliding, spinning or rotary pendulum to change the flow channel area the size of the implementation. Widely used in industrial and agricultural production and daily life in the apparatus.

petrochemical industry uses API standard gate valve, globe valve and check valve; The power station mainly uses high temperature pressure gate valve, globe valve, check valve and safety valve and low pressure butterfly valve; The chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve; Metallurgical industry mainly uses low-voltage and large-diameter butterfly valve, ball valve; City building department mainly uses low pressure valve, such as city water pipes are mainly uses large-diameter gate valve, the building industry uses the line butterfly valve, Pipeline mainly flat gate valve and ball valve; The pharmaceutical industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve; The food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve and so on.

Our cooperation are specializes in almost every kinds of valves, we can supply you the best service.?? In order to make a good business credit standing, so now we carefully and seriously promise to all the clients:
1. we have the quality control system to control the quality of the products, we make sure all the products strictly obey the standards and the contracts.
2. The products’ quality-guarantee time is 12 months, follow close to the line of the invoice date. (Under the condition that the customer abides by the storing using rules and the using time should not exceed 12 months of the delivery time from the factory.)
3. If there is any malfunction after the guarantee time, our company will offer the users the best service with payment.
4. According to the request of the customers, our company affords technical consultation and quality tailing after service.


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